Long Range WiFi Solutions


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    Long Range WiFi Solutions


    Security Camera Team is proud to announce the newest technology in WIRELESS CAMERAS –  SCT WiFi. It consists of creating a WiFi cloud and placing cameras within the cloud for smooth video performance. This new technology allows you to place cameras that are within a 10 MILE RADIUS from the recording device.

    No more digging up the grass or cutting up the driveway to run line to the cameras. An example of the use of SCT WiFi would be a building that needs cameras that is two city blocks away from the main building.

    Using traditional technology you would have to install the cameras and DVR at the remote site, plus you would need internet access at each additional location so you can remotely view the camera. An average internet cost from the cable/phone company will cost over $60.00 a month and equal to an expense of $700-$800 a year.

    Here are some examples of where SCT WiFi would be the perfect solution:

    • Car Dealerships
    • Storage Yards
    • Marinas
    • Golf Courses
    • H.O.A.’s

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