Residential Security Systems


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    Residential Security Cameras Designed For Your Needs

    Security Camera Team will custom design a security camera installations system for your home to match your needs. Whether you want to see who is at your front door, view your cars in the driveway, check in on your puppy, SCT security cameras provide you with the ability to view from the couch or on any device or computer from anywhere in the world. Security Camera systems are a great deterrent. When a potential intruder sees that you have CCTV Security Cameras, they will pass your house for the neighbors’ house. You will have the visual deterrent of having them attached to your home plus the ability to review the recording.  Excellent quality video footage can help protect/recover property and put the bad guy in jail by providing law enforcement with the evidence they need.


    Access Anywhere: Complete Mobile Support!

    MULTIPLE VIEWING PLATFORMS (iPhone, iPad, and Android): Our systems support Safari and Internet Explorer, Android and iPhone, PC and Mac, and a host of others. This allows you to remotely view your Security Camera System and gives you the freedom to go about your business. We provide the Security Camera Mobile Apps and Viewing Software for FREE.