Few Questions Answered About A CCTV System

It is not a luxury anymore having security cameras as costs came down and demand increased. It will be beneficial for the future buyers of CCTV systems to have some fundamental questions answered. This blog will do exactly that.


  • It will usually have a month of recording depending on the DVR.
  • Although most security cameras have the option to record non-stop but modern security cameras usually record whenever there is motion.
  • Most security cameras can see from 0-50 feet. But they can see further with not so good amount of details.
  • It is imperative to have an alarm system with your CCTV system to be able to get notified whenever there is an unwanted activity.
  • Prices vary depending on the system you want to install.
  • It is possible to view live footage recorded on the CCTV system remotely. 

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