Retail Shops

Custom Designed Security Cameras For Retail Shops

In a Retail Shop, Security Cameras are needed because these locations are huge targets for theft every day.  SCT will cover your entire shop with Security Cameras installation system to monitor your customers, vendors, and employees.

The high quality resolution SCT cameras provide will allow law enforcement to use your video footage to successfully prosecute shoplifters.  Without it, their case is much more difficult.  Many Insurance Companies are now requiring retail shops to have CCTV security cameras or they will not cover the liability and/or loss.


Access Anywhere: Complete Mobile Support!

MULTIPLE VIEWING PLATFORMS (iPhone, iPad, and Android): Our systems support Safari and Internet Explorer, Android and iPhone, PC and Mac, and a host of others. This allows you to remotely view your Security Camera System and gives you the freedom to go about your business. We provide the Security Camera Mobile Apps and Viewing Software for FREE.