Car Dealerships

Custom Designed Security Cameras For Car Dealership

Car Dealerships should have Camera coverage on the property inside and out. A SCT custom security camera for car dealers protect from theft, liability, improved customer service and car/truck sales! We can engineer a system to cover the car lot without trenching or running overhead wires with the use of our cloud Wi-Fi antenna system.

Our overhead Pan and Tilt CCTV Camera automatically moves and focuses on the largest object moving in as it rotates 360 degrees. This application will reduce the blind spot of any security camera installation system on the lot.

Access Anywhere: Complete Mobile Support!

MULTIPLE VIEWING PLATFORMS (iPhone, iPad, and Android): Our systems support Safari and Internet Explorer, Android and iPhone, PC and Mac, and a host of others. This allows you to remotely view your Security Camera System and gives you the freedom to go about your business. We provide the Security Camera Mobile Apps and Viewing Software for FREE.