CCTV Stands For Closed Circuit Television

CCTV Stands for Closed Circuit Television

CCTV stands for closed circuit Television. The signal from the CCTV to the monitors or video recorder (DVR) can be sent through either wirelessly or through cable depending on the camera system you buy. Unlike a television signal that broadcasts its content, CCTV cameras do not openly transmit all the data. Transmitted data can be video and audio or only video. Videos recorded can be used as live footage or for later use.

A typical CCTV camera system contains security cameras, cables, video recorder (DVR), a hard disk and a monitor. Strategically placing the cameras is the key. It can prevent theft and other uncalled for events. It is important to note that installing and placing the cameras should be handled by trained professionals.

It is up to the user what kind of CCTV camera s/he is going to buy. There are three main types of CCTV cameras-analogue, digital and Internet Protocol (IP) cameras. Analogue cameras have been around a long time, but this is considered to be the era of IP and digital CCTV cameras.

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