CCTV Camera: Some Useful Details

Firstly, we need to differentiate between analogue and IP cameras. Some benefits of the first type are the cost, wider choice of vendors and simplicity. The cost can often be significantly lower for the analog camera, but the gap between the prices is definitely getting smaller. If you need a bigger number of cameras and have a limited budget, analog is a way to go.

Analog cameras have been used for many years now meaning that it might be easier for you to find a vendor or an installer.

The simplicity of installation is another advantage of analog cameras. They send the recordings to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which is also fairly simple to set up.

On the other hand, image quality and frame rate of IP cameras are undoubtedly better. The areas with a lot of traffic and motion are better covered with IP cameras since they create much sharper images and allow for you to zoom in. Also, IP cameras cover a wider area, require less equipment and provide encrypted and secured transmission.
CCTV Camera Shop, located in the UK, offers a lot of different options. For a very reasonable price, you can get outdoor video monitoring CCTV kit which includes 4 channel HD DVR paired with 4 weather-proof 720p surveillance bullet cameras with night vision.
If you’re ready to spend a bit more money and need something that will give you a better video quality and clarity, high resolution (1080p) weather-proof cameras with night vision to up to 100ft and a motion detector could be a way to go. Options truly are plentiful.

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