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Property crime occurs very 3.9 seconds
$3.6 billion in property losses occur every year
The average burglary costs a home owner over $2,300
1 violent crime very 17 seconds
1 forcible rape every 5 minutes
Law Enforcement reports that nearly ALL violent crimes (including murder, robbery, rape,
aggravated assault) are increasing year after year
*Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reporting


How the CCTVs and surveillance cameras from our company Security Camera Team has made an unmatchable difference?

Matching the specific security needs

Security Camera Installations from us includes newest technology in the domain of wireless cameras. It creates Wi-Fi cloud and cameras can be placed within cloud for the smoothest video performance in the areas of Lake Worth. However, we stress on the importance of CCTV Sales and Install in the right places of your offices and residential premises. We at our end try our best to custom design the system of cameras, to match the specific needs of yours.

Excellent video footage

With our amazing Security Camera Installations, our cameras present you with an unhindered view of the premises from multiple platforms of viewing. We offer home plus with the security cameras hence our clients in Boca Raton have visual deterrent to have the recording reviewed. The video footage quality helps recover/protect and help property while putting bad guy in the jail providing enforcement of law with all evidences.

Digital power of zoom

Digital technology’s rapid advancement has given us at to offer high definition cameras. We are providing our huge clientele in the Delray Beach area, with CCTV Installs that have digital power of zoom and huge optical.

Help inprosecuting crimes

We take it upon ourselves to take necessary actions regarding CCTV Installs for ensuring good quality video that is necessary for prosecuting neighborhood crimes in the West Palm Beach areas. Our teams at install the cameras in parking garages, cabana areas, pools, clubhouse, stairwells and elevators. The CCTV Installations are thus happening at every nook and corner.

Help focusing on crucial happenings

Security cameras protects against large numbers of incident claims that are fraudulent. The CCTV Camera Sales at our end has increased by leaps and bounds. Our clients at Stuart regions, who are business-owners, are able to focus on important tasks that one must handle instead of watching over employees constantly.

Remotely viewing Security camera

Over the years one of the prime reasons for the doubling of our CCTV Camera Sales in the Riviera Beach area has been the prime feature in our security camera systems. Hence, the prime feature allows the freedom to do your job without losing mind on how to keep a watch. The mobile apps for the security camera and software for viewing comes free, thus CCTV Installations have become popular.

Protect not just possessions but pets

Our CCTV Camera Sales shot an all-time high because we continue to provide alarm systems. We help customize security systemfor meeting every need in the Lake Worth. With monitoring through alarm teams, you can put all fears of yours; to rest.This is a reality only when there is subsequent CCTV Sales And Installs.

This system of alarms has been a winner amidst all features with regard to possession, family and pets. For building your business we perform our alarm installation and monitoring with infrastructure and state-of-art technology. This has also considerably led to an undisputed increase in the CCTV Installations and Sales.

The Security Camera Team You Can Trust

Founded by field trained technicians SCT provides security camera sales & installations for commercial, industrial and residential applications. We have more than two decades of field security cameras installation experience in some of the most challenging environments around. Our reputation is based on quality equipment, technological know-how, and being there when we’re called. We presently have two locations to serve from Orlando to the Keys. Having the right equipment is key to surveillance, and a well designed security camera system pays for itself on the first recorded incident. Our engineers primary goal is for your CCTV system to be reliable, efficient and cost effective for your business, or for your home. Want to know more about Security Camera Team and the CCTV installations and sales services we offer? Get detailed information here. Learn more about us and meet our dedicated staff members. We look forward to serving you!

Real Support. Real People.

We know what it’s like to need support. Our philosophy is to treat you as we would like to be treated. With a hands on security camera sales & installations support center, online documentation and HD video tutorials, it’s no wonder that some of our best reviews are about our amazing support.

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